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VA - Improvised Music from Japan [10 CD Box Set] (2001) (LOSSLESS & MP3)

14-10-2016, 19:39
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Title: Improvised Music from Japan
Year Of Release: 2001
Label: Improvised Music from Japan (IMJ-10CD)
Genre: Free Jazz, Abstract, Noise, Avantgarde, Experimental
Quality: FLAC (Tracks)/MP3 320 kbps
Total Time: 10:54:41 min
Total Size: 2,97 Gb/1,46 Gb

Improvised Music from Japan is a website and record label.

The website was originally known as Japanese Free Improvisers. As its name suggests, it concentrates on Japanese and Japan-based improvisers, particularly free improvisers.

In December 2001, a compilation box-set, also called Improvised Music from Japan, was released to mark the fifth anniversary of the website. It was a 10 CD collection of previously unissued material from a variety of Japanese musicians (some of them collaborating with Europeans and Americans).

VA - Improvised Music from Japan [10 CD Box Set] (2001) (LOSSLESS & MP3)
disc 1
1. Yoshihide Otomo -- Cathode #4: Sound check version (5:22)
Composed by Yoshihide Otomo
Taku Sugimoto (electric guitar); Tetuzi Akiyama (turntable without records, contact microphone); Sachiko M (sine waves); Yoko Nishi (prepared 17-string koto); Mari Furuta (snare drum); Kumiko Takara (snare drum); Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (waterphone with bow); Yoshimitsu Ichiraku (cymbal with bow); Itoken (crotales); Masahiro Uemura (Vietnamese bells)
Recorded and mixed by Yoshiaki Kondo at GOK Sound in Kichijoji, Tokyo, May and June 2001
No edits or overdubs
2. Tetsuro Yasunaga -- two organs (9:59)
3. Tetsuro Yasunaga -- four organs (2:42)
Tetsuro Yasunaga (computer)
Recorded by Tetsuro Yasunaga in Tokyo, August 2001
4. Tetsuro Yasunaga/Utah Kawasaki -- Disk Review 3 (3:14)
Tetsuro Yasunaga (computer, MD player); Utah Kawasaki (analog synthesizer, MD player)
Recorded live at Tonpu in Kichijoji, Tokyo, May 2001
5. Yasuhiro Yoshigaki -- Italians and JC & R (8:10)
Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (electronics, trumpet)
Recorded by Yasuhiro Yoshigaki in Tokyo, August 2001
6. Tetuzi Akiyama -- T.T. (25:49)
Tetuzi Akiyama (turntable, DJ mixer, contact micropone)
Recorded live by Taku Sugimoto at Gallery Off Site on March 29, 2001
7. Yasuhiro Otani -- Music for 50 iMacs (16:36)
Yasuhiro Otani (50 iMacs)
Recorded live at Xebec Hall in Kobe on March 11, 1999

disc 2
1. Haco -- High/Low (3:32)
Haco (vocal, sampler)
Recorded live by Arnovah at Kafe Myzik in Lyons, France, May 2000
2. Mescaline Go-Go -- 12 String Revy (4:10)
Haco (guitar); Christopher Stephens (guitar)
Recorded live at Big Apple in Kobe, October 1999
3. Hoahio -- Marimo II (4:34)
Haco (vocal, sampler); Michiyo Yagi (koto)
Recorded live at Xebec Hall in Kobe, November 2000
4. View Masters -- Fluorescent lamp on the fritz (1:59)
Sound spotting and trimming by Haco at Mescalina house in Kobe, June 2000
5. Happiness Proof -- Isolated Mix (3:45)
Haco (vocal, guitar, synthesizer); Atsushi Tsuyama (bass, acoustic guitar); Christopher Stephens (guitar); Bill (drums)
Recorded live at Bears in Osaka, December 2000
6. Skist -- Pondlife 4 (2:48)
7. Skist -- Pondlife 3 (2:06)
8. Skist -- Pondlife 1 (2:45)
Haruna Ito (samples, electronics); Samm Bennett (samples, electronics, piano)
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Skist at Polarity, Tokyo, 2000-2001
9. Big Picture -- BP010806.bgp (4:34)
Phew (vocal, sampler); Hiroyuki Nagashima (sound direction); Masateru Terai (EMS AKS, Casio SK-1)
Recorded on July 18, 2001 and mixed between July 18 and August 6, 2001 by Hiroyuki Nagashima at GE Studio in Roppongi, Tokyo
10. Mitsuru Nasuno -- Motai (7:30)
Mitsuru Nasuno (bass, keyboard, voice, programming, etc.); Samm Bennett (wave drum)
Recorded and mixed by Naoaki Kose at Earth Studio in Asagaya, Tokyo
11. Mitsuru Nasuno -- Karamel (4:13)
Mitsuru Nasuno (bass, programming, etc.); Osamu Isoda (guitar, voice); Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (percussion)
Recorded and mixed by Tatsuki Masuko at Earth Studio in Asagaya, Tokyo
12. Ground-Zero -- Feb 1992 (3:17)
Composed by Yoshihide Otomo and Eye Yamatsuka
Yoshihide Otomo (turntables); Eye Yamatsuka (voice)
Recorded by Yoshiaki Kondo at GOK Sound in Kokubunji, Tokyo, February 1992
No edits or overdubs
13. Astro Twin -- Rehearsal at Uplink Factory (4:42)
Ami Yoshida (voice); Utah Kawasaki (analog synthesizer)
Recorded at Uplink Factory in Shibuya, Tokyo on March 17, 2001
14. Ami Yoshida/Masahiko Okura -- Improvisation@ArtLand (11:31)
Ami Yoshida (voice); Masahiko Okura (alto sax)
Recorded live by Taku Sugimoto at Artland in Musashikoganei, Tokyo on August 25, 2001
15. Ami Yoshida -- Hooooooooon (8:26)
Ami Yoshida (voice)
Recorded by Ami Yoshida in Tokyo, August 2001

disc 4
1. Toshimaru Nakamura -- oosslloo (17:52)
A composition by Toshimaru Nakamura for the workshop at the Oslo National Academy of Fine Art
Performed by Arne Borgan (LISA), Sergio Frazao (percussion, microphone), Unn Fahlstrom (Nordlead), Tonny Kluften (double bass), Hakon Kornstad (sax), Kai Mikalsen (Arp, contact microphone), Are Mokkelbost (LISA), Mathias Oygard (Sound Forge), Alexander Rishang (LISA)
Happened on May 30, 2001 at the National Academy of Fine Art, Oslo, Norway
Thanks to Kjell Bjorgeengen
2. Tamaru -- Bifu Sekai (Zephyr World) (19:21)
Tamaru (bass guitar)
Recorded by Tamaru in Tokyo on July 22, 2001
3. Yoshimitsu Ichiraku Cymbal Orchestra -- Method for the Fourth Note, which is Not Actually Played (20: 29)
Yoshimitsu Ichiraku (12-inch bell, A-440 chime, 16-inch China cymbal)
Recorded on July 12, 2001 and mixed between July 13 and 26, 2001 by Yoshimitsu Ichiraku at Freak Tone Freaks Studio in Yamaguchi
4. Taku Sugimoto/Martin Siewert/Burkhard Stangl -- SSS (13:15)
Taku Sugimoto (six-string bass guitar); Martin Siewert (guitar, electronics); Burkhard Stangl (guitars)
Recorded live by Martin Siewert in the basement of plag dich nicht in Vienna on April 25, 2000
Thanks to akoasuma & plag dich nicht for organizing the concert

disc 4
1. Sachiko M -- 13072001 (7:16)
Sachiko M (2 oscillators)
Recorded by Sachiko M at A-102 Studio in Tokyo, July 2001
2. Toshimaru Nakamura -- nimb #19-1 (8:44)
Toshimaru Nakamura (no-input mixing board)
A solo performance at the Cornerhouse gallery, Manchester, UK on June 18, 2001
Thanks to Daniel Weaver
3. Toshimaru Nakamura -- nimb #9.1 (8:21)
Toshimaru Nakamura (no-input mixing board)
A solo performance at Rhiz, Vienna, Austria
Recorded by Silvia Faessler on May 18, 2000
Thanks to Silvia Faessler
4. Taku Sugimoto/Annette Krebs -- 24/01/01 (14:41)
Taku Sugimoto (amplified guitar); Annette Krebs (electro-acoustic guitar)
Recorded at Chez Lulu in Liège, Belgium on January 24, 2001
Thanks to Michel Henritzi
5. Atsuhiro Ito -- Acousmatic 9 (3:25)
6. Atsuhiro Ito -- Radio O.P.T. (10:51)
Atsuhiro Ito (optron)
Recorded by Atsuhiro Ito in Tokyo, August 2001
7. Yoshihide Otomo -- The Blue Kite (18:35)
Composed by Yoshihide Otomo
Yoshihide Otomo (electric guitar, turntables, percussion)
Original composition for the 1993 Chinese film The Blue Kite
Recorded live at Cinemaskhole in Nagoya on September 15, 2000
Concert organized by Cinemaskhole and Ririko Mio (Asia Super Cine Center)
Edited from a 40-minute live MD recording by Asayo Horiguchi
No overdubs

disc 5
1. Kazuhisa Uchihashi -- Invisible Guitar (21:45)
Kazuhisa Uchihashi (electric guitar)
Sampled musicians: Gene Coleman (bass clarinet); Kazuhisa Uchihashi (guitar, daxophone)
Recorded at Big Apple in Kobe on July 27, 2001
Special thanks to Yatsuse Saijo, Gene Coleman, Tetsumasa Kondo (Big Apple), and my family
2. Utah Kawasaki -- Object Tracking (9:49)
3. Utah Kawasaki -- Socket (9:35)
Utah Kawasaki (synthesizer--track 2 / electronics--track 3)
Recorded by Utah Kawasaki in Tokyo, June (track 2) and July (track 3) 2001
4. Tsuguto Tsunoda -- October 26, 2000 (18:26)
Tsuguto Tsunoda (guitar, samples)
Recorded by Tsuguto Tsunoda in Tokyo on October 26, 2000
5. Seiichi Yamamoto -- Approach 1 (4:49)
6. Seiichi Yamamoto -- Approach 2 (2:28)
7. Seiichi Yamamoto -- Approach 3 (5:15)
Seiichi Yamamoto (electric guitar)
Recorded by Seiichi Yamamoto at Studio Puzzle in Osaka, August 2001

disc 6
1. Aki Onda -- Two Women (10:30)
2. Aki Onda -- Take Me to the Water (8:54)
3. Aki Onda -- The Last Day of Summer (2:20)
All cassette compositions by Aki Onda
Aki Onda (cassette recorder, effectors)
Recorded in Hanover and New York, 2001
Thanks to Kenta Nagai (track 2)
4. Kazuo Imai -- Ephemera 24-2 (12:37)
Kazuo Imai (stone board, brass board, stainless steel ball, wooden blocks, bamboo blocks, springs, small stones, shells, chain, egg cutter, bell, superballs, toy Theremin, voice, etc.)
Recorded live by Kazuo Imai during the concert Solo Works Vol. 24, at Usagigoya in Tsukiji, Tokyo on September 26, 1997
5. Kazuo Imai -- Ephemera 22-3 (8:52)
Kazuo Imai (electric guitar)
Recorded live by Kazuo Imai during the concert Solo Works Vol. 22, at Usagigoya on April 11, 1997
6. Hado-ho -- Stereo Action Suite 2001 (8:31)
Takehito Nakazato (effector)
Recorded in Tokyo, August 2001
7. Incapacitants -- Forest in Noise 20010721 (20:19)
Toshiji Mikawa (electronics, voice); Fumio Kosakai (electronics, voice)
Recorded live at 20000V in Koenji, Tokyo on July 21, 2001

disc 7
1. Brett Larner -- Improvisation 1 (6:50)
2. Brett Larner -- Improvisation 2 (8:21)
3. Brett Larner -- Improvisation 3 (6:08)
Brett Larner (koto, laptop computer)
Recorded live by Wataru Matsumoto at Barber Fuji in Ageo on November 2, 1998
4. Yumiko Tanaka -- Music for a Four-and-a-Half-Tatami-Mat Room, Fragment 1 (4:42)
5. Yumiko Tanaka -- Music for a Four-and-a-Half-Tatami-Mat Room, Fragment 2 (1:57)
6. Yumiko Tanaka -- Music for a Four-and-a-Half-Tatami-Mat Room, Fragment 3 (4:23)
7. Yumiko Tanaka -- Music for a Four-and-a-Half-Tatami-Mat Room, Fragment 4 (6:21)
8. Yumiko Tanaka -- Music for a Four-and-a-Half-Tatami-Mat Room, Fragment 5 (8:53)
Yumiko Tanaka (gidayu shamisen, voice)
Recorded by Yumiko Tanaka in Yashiro, Hyogo prefecture, August 2001

disc 8
1. Michiyo Yagi & Paulownia Crush -- Godan Ginuta (11:23)
Composed by Kengyo Mitsuzaki
Koto honte: Hiroko Takahashi; Madoka Nakano
Koto kaete: Michiyo Yagi; Yasuyo Takeuchi
Recorded in Tokoname, Aichi prefecture on September 9, 2001
Thanks to Office Sound Pot and Yuka Sumino (of Paulownia Crush)
2. Michihiro Sato -- Improvisation (26:39)
3. Michihiro Sato -- Nikata Bushi (5:24)
Michihiro Sato (Tsugaru shamisen)
Recorded live at Nakano Geino Shogekijo in Nakano, Tokyo on March 6, 1996

disc 9
1. Ryoji Hojito -- Kaiyu (7:49)
Ryoji Hojito (grand piano, marbles, wooden blocks, battery-powered toothbrush handle, remodeled toy reed, voice)
Recorded live at Con Cariño in Sapporo on February 13, 2001
2. Junji Hirose -- Duo 1 (8:13)
3. Junji Hirose -- Duo 2 (3:30)
Junji Hirose (self-made instrument--track 2 / soprano sax--track 3); Shuichi Chino (piano)
Recorded by Yoshiaki Kondo at GOK Sound in Kichijoji, Tokyo on May 16, 1998
*These tracks were originally recorded for the CD Guillotine Kyodai Presents Meetings with Remarkable Men Featuring Hirose Junji (Tag Rag, TRCD-026), but were not included on the CD.
4. Gnu -- Meteora (8:05)
Composed by Masahiko Okura
Masahiko Okura (alto sax); Shinichi Tsukamoto (organ); Yukiya Taneishi (bass); Itoken (drums)
Recorded live by Tetuzi Akiyama at Manda-la 2 in Kichijoji, Tokyo on December 7, 2000
5. Masahiko Okura -- ittcc (3:01)
6. Masahiko Okura -- dvvv (1:43)
7. Masahiko Okura -- Magnet Sour (4:31)
8. Masahiko Okura -- Fiasco (for Fuutaro Yamada) (0:49)
Masahiko Okura (bass clarinet--tracks 5, 6, 8 / alto sax--track 7)
Recorded at Pink Sky in Tokyo on July 29, 2001
9. Shoji Hano/Werner Lüdi/Peter Brötzmann -- Dedicated to (14:26)
10. Shoji Hano/Werner Lüdi/Peter Brötzmann -- Werner (8:18)
11. Shoji Hano/Werner Lüdi/Peter Brötzmann -- Lüdi (7:51)
Shoji Hano (drums); Werner Lüdi (baritone sax, alto sax); Peter Brötzmann (tenor sax, tarogato)
Recorded live at Kunsthaus Aarau in Aarau, Switzerland on June 4, 2000
*The earnings of Shoji Hano and Peter Brötzmann from this CD boxed set will go to Werner Lüdi's widow, Anita.

disc 10
1. Kyoko Kuroda/Kazuhisa Uchihashi -- A Reflection on the Beimlein (9:55)
2. Kyoko Kuroda/Kazuhisa Uchihashi -- Song and Improvisation (8:44)
Kyoko Kuroda (piano, voice, glocken, recorder, synthesizer); Kazuhisa Uchihashi (guitar)
Recorded live by Koichi Kishida at Minoya Hall in Osaka on December 5, 1997
3. From Marginal Consort 1998 (19:12)
Kazuo Imai; Yasushi Ozawa; Tomonao Koshikawa; Kei Shii; Masami Tada
Recorded live at Hosei University Student Hall in Tokyo on September 12, 1998
4. Tetsu Saitoh/Michel Doneda -- Clé de voûte (25:12)
Tetsu Saitoh (contrabass); Michel Doneda (soprano sax)
Recorded live by Pierre-Olivier Boulant in Saint-Etienne, France on June 8, 2001

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