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Charlie Christian - Complete Edition, Vol.1-9 (1939-1941) (1992-2001) (LOSSLESS)

22-11-2015, 14:43
Music | Jazz | Discography | FLAC / APE

Title: Complete Edition, Vol.1-9 (1939-1941)
Year Of Release: 1992-2001
Label: Media 7 / Next Music
Genre: Jazz, Swing
Quality: FLAC (Tracks)
Total Time: 9 Volumes, 9:50:33 min
Total Size: 1,7 Gb

It can be said without exaggeration that virtually every jazz guitarist that emerged during 1940-65 sounded like a relative of Charlie Christian. The first important electric guitarist, Christian played his instrument with the fluidity, confidence, and swing of a saxophonist. Although technically a swing stylist, his musical vocabulary was studied and emulated by the bop players, and when one listens to players ranging from Tiny Grimes, Barney Kessel, and Herb Ellis, to Wes Montgomery and George Benson, the dominant influence of Christian is obvious.

Charlie Christian's time in the spotlight was terribly brief. He played piano locally in Oklahoma, and began to utilize an amplified guitar in 1937, after becoming a student of Eddie Durham, a jazz guitarist who invented the amplified guitar. John Hammond, the masterful talent scout and producer, heard about Christian (possibly from Mary Lou Williams), was impressed by what he saw, and arranged for the guitarist to travel to Los Angeles in August 1939 and try out with Benny Goodman. Although the clarinetist was initially put off by Christian's primitive wardrobe, as soon as they started jamming on "Rose Room," Christian's talents were obvious. For the next two years, he would be well-featured with Benny Goodman's Sextet; there were two solos (including the showcase "Solo Flight") with the full orchestra; and the guitarist had the opportunity to jam at Minton's Playhouse with such up-and-coming players as Thelonious Monk, Kenny Clarke, and Dizzy Gillespie. All of the guitarist's recordings (including guest spots and radio broadcasts) are currently available on CD. Tragically, he contracted tuberculosis in 1941, and died at the age of 25 on March 2, 1942. It would be 25 years before jazz guitarists finally moved beyond Charlie Christian.

Charlie Christian - Complete Edition, Vol.1-9 (1939-1941) (1992-2001) (LOSSLESS)

Charlie Christian - Complete Edition, Vol.1-9 (1939-1941) (1992-2001) (LOSSLESS)

Volume 1: 1939
Benny Goodman Sextet:
01. Flying Home (3:11)
02. Stardust (2:25)
Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra:
03. One Sweet Letter From You (3:24)
Jerry Jerome Quintet:
04. I Got Rhythm (6:01)
05. Stardust (5:44)
06. Tea For Two (4:39)
Benny Goodman Sextet:
07. Flying Home (3:13)
08. Homeward Bound (Flying Home) (3:20)
09. Rose Room (In Sunny Roseland) (2:48)
10. Stardust (3:14)
11. Flying Home (3:53)
12. Stardust (2:34)
13. Memories Of You (3:16)
14. Rose Room (In Sunny Roseland) (3:04)
Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra:
15. Haven't Named It Yet (2:58)
Benny Goodman Sextet:
16. AC-DC Current (2:27)
17. Flying Home (3:12)
18. Soft Winds (2:26)
19. Memories Of You (2:56)
Ida Cox accompanied by her All-Star Band:
20. Deep Sea Blues (3:07)

In 1992 the Masters of Jazz historic reissue label initiated a nine-part series devoted to the recordings of jazz guitarist Charlie Christian (1916-1942). Volume one, which consists of recordings made between August 19 and October 31, 1939, opens with material harvested from Camel Caravan radio broadcasts emanating from the Hollywood Bowl and the Michigan State Fair in Detroit. These tracks feature the guitarist as a newly hired member of the Benny Goodman Sextet. Christian's first studio session occurred on September 11, 1939 when he participated in a Victor recording date with a band led by vibraphonist Lionel Hampton. On September 24, 1939 Christian was recorded while participating in a late-night jam session at the Harlem Breakfast Club in Minneapolis, MN. With Christian at this nocturnal get-together (which took place after a performance at the Orpheum Theater) were tenor saxophonist Jerry Jerome, pianist Frankie Hines, and bassist Oscar Pettiford. This compilation also contains selections from Christian's first studio date with the Benny Goodman Sextet, which occurred on October 2, 1939. It ends with an example of the guitarist's work with Ida Cox and her All Star Band. "Deep Sea Blues," recorded on Halloween 1939, is one of 12 sides (seven titles) that resulted from two Vocalion sessions that took place in two different studios on the same day. It is the only Cox recording included in the Masters of Jazz Charlie Christian series; all seven of the master takes from the Christian/Cox collaborations may be found on Definitive's Complete Studio Recordings of Charlie Christian. While some tidbits from this artist's complicated legacy remain unissued, the Definitive and Masters of Jazz labels have covered his essential recordings with reverential devotion. This disc and the other volumes in the Masters of Jazz series are chock-full of alternate takes and multiple renditions. Casual listeners will therefore probably want to seek out a "best-of" sampler rather than this sort of intensive gig-by-gig documentation

Charlie Christian - Complete Edition, Vol.1-9 (1939-1941) (1992-2001) (LOSSLESS)

Volume 2: 1939
Benny Goodman Sextet:
01. Shivers (2:54)
02. Memories Of You (3:12)
03. Memories Of You (3:10)
04. Soft Winds (2:28)
05. Soft Winds (2:26)
06. Seven Comes Eleven (2:46)
Benny Goodman & His Orchestra:
07. Honeysuckle Rose (3:02)
Benny Goodman Sextet:
08. Seven Come Eleven (2:43)
09. AC-DC Current (2:29)
10. Dinah (3:07)
11. Shivers (2:31)
12. Shivers (2:45)
13. AC-DC Current (2:47)
14. I'm Confessin' (That I Love You) (2:58)
15. Flying Home (3:16)
16. Memories Of You (3:03)
17. Honeysuckle Rose (3:52)
Kansas City Six:
18. Pagin' The Devil (3:49)
19. Good Mornin' Blues (3:48)
20. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans (2:30)
Jam Session:
21. Oh! Lady Be Good (9:36)

Vol. 2 in the Masters of Jazz label's nine-part series devoted to the music of Charlie Christian focuses upon the studio, radio broadcast, and live recordings he made between November 4 and December 24, 1939. Most of these find him operating as a member of the Benny Goodman Sextet; the first version of "Honeysuckle Rose" (track seven) is one of the few recordings that feature Christian with the Goodman orchestra. Tracks 15 through 21 were recorded live at Carnegie Hall on Christmas Eve 1939 during John Hammond's From Spirituals to Swing concert. Some of the selections are performed by the Kansas City Six, a Basie offshoot band consisting of Lester Young, Buck Clayton, Freddie Green, Walter Page, and Jo Jones with guest soloist Charlie Christian. "Lady Be Good," heard here as an edit, may be enjoyed in its original form on Vol. 9 in this series, as well as on Definitive's Complete Live Recordings of Charlie Christian. Like many chronologically presented historical retrospectives this disc is mostly recommended to those who wish to study the recorded evidence by comparing multiple takes and will not resent encountering recurrent instances of the same title. The whole point here is to savor these important episodic developments in the rapidly evolving art of jazz improvisation.

Charlie Christian - Complete Edition, Vol.1-9 (1939-1941) (1992-2001) (LOSSLESS)

Volume 3: 1939-1940
Benny Goodman Sextet:
01. AC-DC Current (2:22)
02. Pick-A-Rib (3:10)
03. Till Tom Special (2:35)
Metronome All Star Nine:
04. All Star Strut (1:20)
05. All Star Strut (3:08)
06. All Star Strut (3:10)
Benny Goodman Sextet:
07. Till Tom Special (3:07)
08. Gone With 'What' Wind (3:15)
09. Gone With 'What' Wind (3:25)
10. Gone WIth 'What' Wind (3:38)
11. The Sheik Of Araby (3:18)
12. Poor Butterfly (2:52)
13. Gone With 'What' Wind (3:27)
14. I Surrender Dear (3:02)
15. Boy Meets Goy (Grand Slam) (Boy Meets Girl) (2:52)
16. The Sheik Of Araby (3:58)
17. Soft Winds (2:20)
18. The Sheik Of Araby (2:24)
19. Seven Come Eleven (3:18)
20. Six Appeal (My Daddy Rocks Me) (4:14)

Dozens of compilations have been devoted to the recorded evidence of Benny Goodman's brief but fortuitously well-documented collaborative friendship with jazz guitarist Charlie Christian (1916-1942). The producers of the Masters of Jazz series have handled the Charlie Christian story more meticulously than nearly anyone else in the business. Because the guitarist didn't live long enough to establish himself as a leader, he exists in history as the eternal sideman who also happens to have been one of the very first progressively modern improvisers in jazz. Volume three in the series takes on selected recordings made between December 2, 1939 and June 4, 1940. Most of these records involve the Benny Goodman Sextet, with four renditions of "Gone with What Wind" and three versions of "Sheik of Araby" providing the studious listener with plenty of opportunities for savoring and comparing the solos. On February 7, 1940 Christian and Goodman recorded, with a group composed of poll-winners billed as the Metronome All-Star Nine, something called the "All Star Strut," represented here by a breakdown lasting only one minute and twenty seconds and two complete takes that swing like crazy. For those whose appetites are merely whetted by this excellent core sample of musical history, Masters of Jazz also released a set combining the first four volumes of Charlie Christian's oeuvre from the years 1939-1940, capped by a single fifth volume to polish off this portion of their in-depth survey of this artist's intriguing recorded legacy.

Charlie Christian - Complete Edition, Vol.1-9 (1939-1941) (1992-2001) (LOSSLESS)

Volume 4: 1940
Benny Goodman Sextet:
01. Six Appeal (3:20)
02. These Foolish Things (3:12)
03. Good Enough To Keep (Air Mail Special) (2:56)
04. Honeysuckle Rose (2:37)
05. Six Appeal (2:41)
06. AC-DC Current (2:26)
07. Stardust (2:54)
Eddy Howard:
08. Wrap Up Your Troubles In Dreams (3:24)
09. Ad Lib Blues (3:47)
Benny Goodman Septet:
10. I Never Knew (3:03)
11. Charlie's Dream (3:17)
12. Wholly Cats (3:21)
13. Lester's Dream (3:21)
Benny Goodman Quintet:
14. Gone With 'What' Wind (3:17)
Benny Goodman & His Sextet feat. Count Basie:
15. Wholly Cats (3:01)
16. Wholly Cats (3:07)
17. Wholly Cats (3:04)
18. Wholly Cats (3:06)
19. Wholly Cats (3:02)

One of numerous Charlie Christian retrospectives released during the 1990s by the Masters of Jazz label, 1940, Vol. 4 taps a particularly tasty portion of this legendary guitarist's work with the Benny Goodman Quintet, Sextet and Septet. On tracks nine through thirteen, an extra dimension is added by the presence of Count Basie and several members of his trusty Kansas City swing band, including bassist Walter Page, trumpeter Buck Clayton, and saxophonist Lester Young. This compilation also contains examples of Christian's work as a member of an octet backing sweet dance band leader Dick Jurgens' star crooner Eddy Howard (tracks seven and eight). The inclusion of no less than six versions of "Wholly Cats" recommends this disc to seasoned jazzologists and studiously curious jazz heads rather than casual listeners who might panic in the face of repetition. Bear in mind, however, that listening to compilations that bristle with alternate takes is exactly how one becomes a self-made, seasoned jazzologist. Maybe six takes of "Wholly Cats" is exactly what you need.

Charlie Christian - Complete Edition, Vol.1-9 (1939-1941) (1992-2001) (LOSSLESS)

Volume 5: 1940
Benny Goodman & His Sextet feat. Count Basie:
01. Royal Garden Blues (2:49)
02. Royal Garden Blues (3:06)
03. Royal Garden Blues (3:04)
04. As Long As I Live (3:19)
05. As Long As I Live (3:24)
06. Benny's Bugle (14:19)
07. Benny's Bugle (2:31)
08. Benny's Bugle (3:08)
09. Benny's Bugle (3:42)
10. Wholly Cats (3:41)
11. Honeysuckle Rose (5:00)
Benny Goodman & His Sextet:
12. Breakfast Feud (3:56)
13. Breakfast Feud (3:19)
14. Breakfast Feud (1:14)
15. Breakfast Feud (3:12)
16. Breakfast Feud (3:09)

On November 7 and December 19, 1940, the Benny Goodman Sextet made a series of records for Columbia that featured electrically amplified guitarist Charlie Christian. In 1994, the Masters of Jazz label raided the archives for every known take; many of these appear on 1940, Vol. 5, which is recommended for those who want to surrender to the wonderment of works in progress. With so many multiple takes including rehearsals and breakdowns, this is quite different from the standard issue Best of Benny Goodman collection. Tracks one through nine document the proceedings of November 7, the day on which Goodman and Christian, together with trumpeter Cootie Williams, tenor saxophonist Georgie Auld (who had obviously been listening to Ben Webster), bassist Artie Bernstein, and drummer Harry Jaeger collaborated with pianist Count Basie. (On December 19, the same group would whip up multiple versions of the "Breakfast Feud" with Ken Kersey at the piano instead of Basie.) Those who wish to adopt the perspective of a fly on the wall should choose track number six, a rehearsal of "Benny's Bugle" that lasts a little over 14 minutes. The November session's five takes of "Wholly Cats" may be found at the end of the previous installment in the series, Charlie Christian 1940, Vol. 4. Recorded on the Make Believe Ballroom radio program on December 19, tracks nine through eleven ("Benny's Bugle," "Wholly Cats," and a jumpin' treatment of Fats Waller's "Honeysuckle Rose"), add extra spontaneity to this already unusually free-spirited Charlie Christian/Benny Goodman retrospective.

Charlie Christian - Complete Edition, Vol.1-9 (1939-1941) (1992-2001) (LOSSLESS)

Volume 6: 1940-1941
Benny Goodman & His Sextet:
01. I Can't Give You Anything But Love (3:25)
02. I Can't Give You Anything But Love (3:36)
03. I Can't Give You Anything But Love (3:22)
04. Gone With What Draft (2:38)
05. Gone With What Draft (2:37)
06. Gone With What Draft (2:39)
Benny Goodman & His Sextet feat. Count Basie:
07. Breakfast Feud (3:07)
08. Breakfast Feud (3:07)
09. Breakfast Feud (0:36)
10. Breakfast Feud (2:25)
11. On The Alamo (3:28)
12. I Found A New Baby (2:58)
13. I Found A New Baby (3:04)
14. Gone With What Draft (2:46)
15. Gone With What Draft (2:46)
16. Gone With What Draft (2:45)
Metronome All Star Band:
17. One O'Clock Jump (3:29)
Edmond Hall Celeste Quartet:
18. Jamming In Four (4:17)
19. Edmond Hall Blues (4:12)
20. Profoundly Blue (4:04)
21. Profoundly Blue (4:14)
22. Celestial Express (3:50)

Packed with multiple takes that might scare away the timid, this is volume six in the complete recordings of guitarist Charlie Christian as compiled and released during the '90s by the Masters of Jazz label. It traces his path through various sessions which took place between December 19, 1940 and February 5, 1941, involving the Benny Goodman Sextet (with and without Count Basie), the Metronome All Star Band (see "One O'Clock Jump"), and lastly, Edmond Hall's Celeste Quartet. This little Blue Note band combined the musical personalities of Charlie Christian, clarinetist Edmond Hall, string bassist Israel Crosby, and boogie-woogie master Meade "Lux" Lewis, who knocked the stuffing out of the celeste, a keyboard instrument that mimics a glockenspiel but might sound to some ears like a well-tuned toy piano. (Fats Waller used the celeste to augment his regular 88s on numerous recordings made during the '30s and early '40s.) One special thing about this intimate session is the fact that Christian operates a guitar without the use of electrical amplification. This enables him to engage in some wonderful interplay with the other three musicians, especially Israel Crosby, whose bass viol seems at times to engage in easy conversation with what has since come to be called an "acoustic" guitar.

Charlie Christian - Complete Edition, Vol.1-9 (1939-1941) (1992-2001) (LOSSLESS)

Volume 7: 1941
Benny Goodman & His Sextet:
01. Wholly Cats (2:41)
02. Gone With What Draft (2:25)
03. Breakfast Feud (2:05)
04. Gone With What Draft (2:42)
05. Six Appeal (2:17)
Benny Goodman & His Orchestra:
06. Chonk, Charlie, Chonk (Solo Flight) (1:52)
07. Solo Flight (2:51)
08. Solo Flight (2:51)
Benny Goodman & His Sextet:
09. Flying Home (3:13)
10. A Smo-o-o-oth One (Waiting For Benny) (21:09)
11. A Smo-o-o-oth One (3:24)
12. A Smo-o-o-oth One (3:20)
13. A Smo-o-o-oth One (3:17)

Charlie Christian - Complete Edition, Vol.1-9 (1939-1941) (1992-2001) (LOSSLESS)

Volume 8: 1941
Benny Goodman & His Sextet:
01. Good Enough to Keep (Air Mail Special) (3:25)
02. Good Enough to Keep (Air Mail Special) (3:31)
03. Good Enough to Keep (Air Mail Special) (3:04)
04. Wholly Cats (2:15)
05. Breakfast Feud (2:58)
06. Ida,Sweet As Apple Cider (2:43)
07. Flying Home (3:37)
08. Song Of The Islands (3:05)
Benny Goodman Sextet:
09. Flying Home (3:09)
Jam Sessions:
10. Topsy (Charlie's Choice) (Swing To Bop) (8:47)
11. Stompin' At The Savoy (8:30)
12. Honeysuckle Rose (Up On Teddy's Hill) (6:14)
13. I Got Rhythm (Down On Teddy's Hill) (3:11)
14. I Got Rhythm (Guy's Got To Go) (2:30)
15. Stompin' At The Savoy (5:00)
Benny Goodman & His Sextet:
16. Benny's Bugle (3:21)
17. Rose Room (2:23)
Benny Goodman & His Orchestra:
18. Solo Flight (2:41)

Charlie Christian - Complete Edition, Vol.1-9 (1939-1941) (1992-2001) (LOSSLESS)

Volume 9: 1939-1941
Benny Goodman Sextet:
01. Stardust (2:29)
02. Flying Home (3:23)
Jery Jerome Quartet:
03. I Got Rhythm (3:39)
04. I Got Rhythm (3:40)
05. Tea For Two (5:02)
Benny Goodman Sextet:
06. Rose Room (3:38)
07. South Of The Border (3:34)
Jam Session:
08. Oh, Lady Be Good (10:42)
Benny Goodman Sextet:
09. Poor Butterfly (incomplete) (1:15)
Fred Astaire with Benny Goodman & His Orchestra and Sextet:
10. Just Like Taking Candy From A Baby (2:51)
Benny Goodman & His Orchestra:
11. Li'l Boy Love (3:03)
Benny Goodman & His Sextet feat. Count Basie:
12. Benny's Bugle (13:29)
Benny Goodman & His Sextet:
13. Gone With What Draft (Gilly) (breakdown take) (1:34)
Benny Goodman & His Sextet feat. Count Basie:
14. Breakfast Feud (3:16)
15. Breakfast Feud (3:08)
Jam Session:
16. Stompin' at The Savoy (10:23)
Benny Goodman & His Sextet:
17. Stompin' at The Savoy (1:46)

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