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VA - A Realm Reborn: FINAL FANTASY XIV Original Soundtrack (2014) {HDTracks & MP3 & BDRip}

26-01-2015, 11:38

VA - A Realm Reborn: FINAL FANTASY XIV Original Soundtrack (2014) {HDTracks & MP3 & BDRip}

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: A Realm Reborn: FINAL FANTASY XIV Original Soundtrack
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Square Enix
Genre: Soundtrack, Score
Quality: FLAC (Image+.cue)/MP3/BDRip
Bitrate: 24 Bit/96 kHz/320 kbps
Time: 06:47:30 min
Total Size: 7,83 Gb/1 Gb/3,34 Gb (Video)

The FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn original soundtrack contains 119 songs, which is a whopping 6 plus hours of music, from the game at release and including up to patch 2.1! With FFXIV Sound Director Masayoshi Soken as the primary composer, this soundtrack features an all-star cast of composers including Nobuo Uematsu, Tsuyoshi Sekido, and Naoshi Mizuta.

VA - A Realm Reborn: FINAL FANTASY XIV Original Soundtrack (2014) {HDTracks & MP3 & BDRip}
1. Prelude – Rebirth (プレリュード ~再誕の煌めき~, Pureryūdo ~Saitan no Kirameki~?) - 1:16
Plays in the title screen.
2. Torn from the Heavens (天より降りし力, Ten yori Furishi Chikara?) - 5:11
Plays during certain certain fights, including powerful FATE encounters and when engaging S-rank Elite Marks.
3. Prelude – Discoveries (プレリュード ~冒険の序章~, Pureryūdo ~Bōken no Joshō~?) - 10:30
Plays in the Character Select screen as well as during Character Creation.
4. A New Hope (希望の都, Kibō no Miyako?, lit. City of Hope) - 11:24
The theme of Ul'dah (day).
5. To the Sun (灼熱の地へ, Shakunetsu no Chi e?, lit. To the Scorching Lands) - 6:34
Medley of themes that play in areas of Thanalan.
6. The Land Burns (荒野の鼓動, Areno no Kodō?) - 3:04
Thanalan battle theme.
7. The Gift of Life (生命の賜物, Seimei no Tamamono?) - 1:07
Plays in certain settlements and aetheryte camps.
8. Another Round (もう一杯!, Mō Ippai!?) - 2:16
Plays in the Adventurers' Guild and various bar settings.
9. Hard to Miss (宿命, Shukumei?, lit. Destiny) - 4:12
FATE battle theme.
10. Bo-down (レンタル de チョコボ, Rentaru de Chokobo?, lit. Rental de Chocobo) - 1:57
Plays when riding a rental Chocobo.
11. Sultana Dreaming (夢見る女王陛下, Yume Miru Jō'ō Heika?) - 7:05
The theme of Ul'dah (night).
12. Bliss (無常の喜び, Mujō no Yorokobi?) - 1:56
Plays in a variety of light-hearted cutscenes.
13. Fracture (不穏な気配, Fuon no Kehai?) - 1:25
Players during tense moments in some cutscenes.
14. Tenacity (不屈の闘志, Fukutsu no Tōshi?) - 5:05
Guildhest theme.
15. Return of the Hero (英雄の凱旋, Eiyū no Gaisen?) - 2:16
Plays in various cutscenes.
16. A World Apart (そして世界へ, Soshite Sekai e?, lit. Now, Into the World) - 3:38
Plays during the cutscene where the player character leaves their home region.
17. I Am the Sea (偉大なる母港, Idai naru Bokō?) - 13:58
The theme of Limsa Lominsa (day).
18. On Westerly Winds (西風に乗せて, Nishikaze ni Nosete?, lit. On Westerly Winds) - 5:19
Medley of themes that play in areas of La Noscea.
19. The Land Breathes (大地の鼓動, Daichi no Kodō?) - 3:04
Limsa Lominsa battle theme.
20. Saltswept (潮風香る街, Shiokaze Kaoru Machi?) - 1:49
Plays in certain settlements and aetheryte camps, namely Aleport.
21. Ruby Moonrise (爆ぜよ耐熱装備, Hazeyō Tainetsu Sōbi?) - 2:19
Quick remix of the theme that plays in Costa del Sol.
22. Eorzea de Chocobo (エオルゼア de チョコボ, Eoruzea de Chokobo?, lit. Eorzea de Chocobo) - 2:33
Plays when the player rides a company chocobo.
23. A Sailor Never Sleeps (船乗りは眠らない, Funanori wa Nemuranai?, lit. A Sailor Never Sleeps) - 7:45
The theme of Limsa Lominsa (night).
24. Currents (潮流, Chōryū?, lit. Currents) - 0:51
Plays in certain settlements and aetheryte camps.
25. Brothers in Arms (戦友, Senyū?) - 6:31
Guildhest theme.
26. Wailers And Waterwheels (水車の調べ, Suisha no Shirabe?, lit. Song of Waterwheels) - 11:26
The theme of Gridania (day).
27. Serenity (静穏の森, Seion no Mori?, lit. Serene Forest) - 5:52
Medley of themes that play in areas of the Black Shroud.
28. The Land Bends (森の鼓動, Mori no Kodō?) - 2:49
The Black Shroud battle theme.
29. Reign of Pain (黒き悪魔, Kuroki Akuma?, lit. Black Devil) - 2:01
Shantotto's theme for the Burgeoning Dread event.
30. The Rider's Boon (その背に揺られて, Sono Se ni Yurarete?, lit. Riding Upon Its Back) - 3:18
Plays when the player rides on any mounts other than chocobos.
31. Dance of the Fireflies (蛍たちの舞踏会, Hotaru-tachi no Budōkai?, lit. Ball of the Fireflies) - 4:24
The theme of Gridania (night).
32. Greenwrath (精霊の意思, Seirei no Ishi?, lit. Will of Spirits) - 1:23
Plays in the Black Shroud areas.
33. From the Depths (仄暗い底から, Honogurai Soko kara?) - 1:34
Plays in Sastasha.
34. The Promise of Plunder (隠し財宝を求めて, Kakushi Zaihō wo Motomete?, lit. In Search of Hidden Treasures) - 3:48
Battle theme of lower level dungeons.
35. Slumber Disturbed (妨げられた眠り, Samatagerareta Nemuri?, lit. Disturbed Slumber) - 1:14
Plays in Tam-Tara Deepcroft.
36. A Fine Death (名誉に賭けて, Meiyo ni Kakete?) - 3:11
Dungeon boss battle theme.
37. Below (地下坑道, Chika Kōdō?, lit. Underground Tunnel) - 1:36
Plays in Copperbell Mines.
38. Nemesis (ネメシス, Nemeshisu?, lit. Nemesis) - 4:52
Plays during the final boss of a dungeon.
39. A Victory Fanfare Reborn (Full) (勝利のファンファーレ ~新生(フル)~, Shōri no Fanfare ~Shinsei (Furu)~?, lit. Victory Fanfire ~Reborn (Full)~) - 1:41
Plays after the party cleared the dungeon.
40. The Waking Sands (砂の家, Suna no Ie?, lit. House of Sand) - 4:10
Plays in the Waking Sands and the Rising Stones.
41. Smoulder (燻る灰, Kusuburu Hai?, lit. Smouldering Ash) - 1:29
Plays in the encampment of the Brotherhood of Ash.
42. Pitfire (炎獄の火種, Engoku no Hidane?) - 1:56
Plays in Zahar'ak.
43. One Blood (血脈, Ketsumyaku?, lit. Blood Ties) - 1:56
Primal summoning theme
44. Primal Judgment (原始の審判, Genshi no Shinpan?, lit. Primal Judgment) - 3:05
Plays during any boss battle with Ifrit.
45. Calling (星の囁き, Hoshi no Sasayaki?, lit. Whisper of the Stars) - 0:36
46. Where the Heart Is (心温まる場所, Kokoro Atatamaru Basho?, lit. A Place that Warms the Heart) - 2:39
Plays in the residential districts (day).
47. Where the Hearth Is (体暖まる場所, Karada Atatamaru Basho?, lit. A Place that Warms the Body) - 5:21
Plays in the residential districts (night).
48. Battle Theme 1.x (戦闘シーン1.X, Sentō Shīn 1.X?, lit. Battle Theme 1.x) - 3:30
A remix of Final Fantasy II's battle theme. Plays in some instanced battles, FATES, and during battles against Rank B Elite Marks.
49. Conundrum (堂々巡り, Dōdōmeguri?, lit. Going Around in Circles) - 2:07
Plays in various cutscenes.
50. Agent of Inquiry (事件屋のアレ, Jikenya no Are?, lit. A Private Investigator's That) - 1:44
Hildibrand's theme.
51. The Ludus (闘士の修練所, Tōshi no Shūrenjō?, lit. Fighter's Training Hall) - 1:25
Plays in Halatali.
52. Flibbertigibbet (イタズラっ子たち, Itazurakko-tachi?, lit. Mischief Makers) - 1:46
Plays in Little Solace.
53. A Curious Breed of Botherment (世にも奇妙な厄介者, Yo ni mo Kimyō na Yakkaimono?, lit. A Strange Breed of Troublemakers Indeed) - 1:54
Plays in the Sylphlands.
54. A Thousand Screams (千の悲鳴, Sen no Himei?, lit. A Thousand Screams) - 0:58
Plays in the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak.
55. My Soul to Keep (我が魂を捧げて, Waga Tamashī wo Sasagete?, lit. I Give My Soul) - 2:08
Lady Amandine's theme
56. From Fear to Fortitude (豪勇の士, Gōyū no Shi?, lit. Brave Fighter) - 4:21
Level 30 class quest battle theme.
57. The Maiden's Lament (乙女の哀歌, Otome no Aika?, lit. Maiden's Lament) - 1:20
Plays in Haukke Manor.
58. Ruby Sunrise (輝く太陽, Kagayaku Taiyō?, lit. Shining Sun) - 3:57
Plays in Costa del Sol.
59. Lipflaps on Longstops (野営地のお調子者, Yaeichi no Ochōshimono?, lit. Campground Buffoon) - 1:08
Plays in Brayflox's Longstop.
60. Echoes of Ages Past (昔日の残響, Sekijitsu no Zankyō?, lit. Echoes of Ages Past) - 0:55
Plays in the Sunken Temple of Qarn.
61. Abomination (憎悪, Zō'o?, lit. Hatred) - 1:02
Plays in Cutter's Cry.
62. Quick as Silver, Hard as Stone (疾きこと銀の如く、硬きこと石の如く, Tokikoto Kane no Gotoku, Katakikoto Ishi no Gotoku?, lit. Quick like Silver, Hard like Stone) - 2:30
Plays in U'ghamoro Mines.
63. Weight of a Whisper (タイタンの慟哭, Titan no Dōkoku?, lit. Titan's Lament) - 1:40
First phase of any boss battle with Titan.
64. Weight of His Will (タイタンの憤怒, Titan no Funne?, lit. Titan's Rage) - 2:52
Second phase of any boss battle with Titan.
65. Weight of the World (タイタンの激震, Titan no Gekishin?, lit. Titan's Quake) - 1:35
Third phase of any boss battle with Titan.
66. Heartless (タイタンの心核, Titan no Shinkaku?, lit. Titan's Core) - 2:16
Heart phase of any boss battle with Titan.
67. Under the Weight (過重圧殺! ~蛮神タイタン討滅戦~, Kajū Assatsu! ~Banshin Titan Tōmetsusen~?, lit. Crushing Weight ~Titan Annihilation Battle~) - 11:34
Main part of the theme that plays during any boss battle with Titan.
68. Forever Lost (永遠の離別, Eien no Ribetsu?, lit. Eternal Parting) - 2:58
Plays during the quests A Royal Reception, A Mizzenmast Repast, and Renewing the Covenant.
69. Fealty (忠義, Chūgi?, lit. Loyalty) - 3:33
Plays in field areas of Coerthas (during daytime).
70. Undying Faith (鋼の信仰, Hagane no Shinkō?, lit. Faith of Steel) - 0:55
Plays in smaller settlements of Coerthas.
71. The Land Breaks (雪山の鼓動, Setsuzan no Kodō?) - 3:19
Coerthas battle theme.
72. The Dragon's Dirge (竜の葬送歌, Ryū no Sōsōka?, lit. Dragoon's Dirge) - 1:01
Plays in Camp Dragonhead.
73. Cold Salvation (極寒戦線, Gokkan Sensen?, lit. Frigid War Front) - 1:02
Plays in the Stone Vigil.
74. The Darkhold (ゼーメル要塞, Zēmeru Yōsai?, lit. Dzemael Stronghold) - 1:12
Plays in Dzemael Darkhold.
75. Miser's Folly (守銭奴の愚行, Shūsendo no Gukū?, lit. Miser's Folly) - 1:09
Plays in the Aurum Vale.
76. Thunderer (雷鳴, Raimei?, lit. Thunder) -
Plays during the fight against the Behemoth, Lahabrea, and Twintania.
77. Kiss of Chaos (混沌の予感, Konton no Yokan?, lit. Premonition from Chaos) - 1:43
Ominous theme that plays in cuscenes, as well as in the Halfstone area of Western La Noscea.
78. Flightless Wings (猛き嵐の剣に, Takeki Arashi no Ken ni?) - 2:35
Plays in Natalan.
79. Fleeting Rays (儚き光彩, Hakanaki Kōsai?, lit. Fleeting Rays) - 1:37
Plays in both the Burning Wall of Eastern Thanalan and the Floating City of Nym in Outer La Noscea.
80. Engage (蒼き翼, Aoki Tsubasa?, lit. Blue Wings) - 3:36
Plays when riding Cid's airship.
81. Damnation (破滅, Hametsu?, lit. Destruction) - 1:03
Plays in various cutscenes.
82. Fallen Angel (堕天せし者, Datenseshi mono?, lit. Fallen One) - 4:30
Garuda's battle theme.
83. Frontiers Within (フロンティア, Furontia?, lit. Frontier) - 3:25
The theme of Revenant's Toll (day).
84. Reflections (リフレクション, Rifurekushon?, lit. Reflection) - 2:08
The theme of Revenant's Toll (night).
85. Intertwined (交錯, Kōsaku?) - 3:32
Plays in Mor Dhona area.
86. The Land Bleeds (水晶の鼓動, Suishō no Kodō?) - 3:05
Mor Dhona battle theme.
87. Crystal Rain (クリスタルの雨, Kurisutaru no Ame?, lit. Crystal Rain) - 0:55
Plays in Saint Coinach's Find.
88. Through the Gloom (薄闇に射す光, Usuyami ni Sasu Hikari?, lit. Light that Pierces Gloom) - 1:53
Plays in Pharos Sirius.
89. Slither (五里霧中, Gorimuchū?, lit. At a Loss) - 0:23
Plays in certain areas.
90. Good King Moggle Mog XII (善王モグル・モグXII世, Zen'ō Moguru Mogu XII?, lit. Good King Moggle Mog) - 3:13
Good King Moggle Mog's battle theme.
91. A Tonberry's Tears (トンベリの涙, Tonberi no Namida?, lit. Tonberry's Tears) - 1:04
Plays in the Wanderer's Palace.
92. A Fell Air Falleth (戦士の直感, Senshi no Chokkan?, lit. Warrior's Intuition) - 2:55
Mid-level dungeon battle theme.
93. Cracks in the Wall (古城にて……, Kojō nite......?, lit. At the Ancient Castle......) - 1:15
Plays in Amdapor Keep.
94. Skullduggery (奸計, Kankei?, lit. Trickery) - 2:13
Plays in some instanced battles.
95. Breaking Boundaries (極限を超えて, Kyokugen wo Koete?, lit. Breaking Boundaries) - 1:59
Plays in the final job quest battle (level 50).
96. The Dark's Embrace (闇の抱擁, Yami no Hōyō?, lit. The Dark's Embrace) - 2:00
Hard mode dungeon theme
97. The Dark's Kiss (闇の口付, Yami no Kuchizuke?, lit. The Dark's Kiss) - 2:02
Hard mode dungeon battle theme
98. Hubris (傲慢, Gōman?, lit. Hubris) - 5:52
The rearranged version of The Altar Cave from Final Fantasy III. Plays in the Crystal Tower - Labyrinth of the Ancients.
99. Ever Upwards (天上へ, Tenjō e?, lit. To the Heavens) - 6:00
The aggressive mix of Hubris. Plays during battles in the Crystal Tower - Labyrinth of the Ancients.
100. Tumbling Down (奈落へ, Naraku e?, lit. To the Hells) - 6:46
The rearranged version of Battle 2 from Final Fantasy III. Plays during the battles against Phlegethon and Xande.
101. Defender of the Realm (エオルゼアの守護者, Eoruzea no Shugosha?, lit. Eorzea's Guardians) - 2:20
Plays in late Main Scenario cutscenes.
102. Machinations (軍議, Gungi?, lit. War Council) - 1:28
Plays in Northern Thanalan sanctuaries and the Wolves' Den.
103. Discordance (不調和, Fuchōwa?, lit. Discord) - 0:21
Field theme of Northern Thanalan.
104. The Emperor's Wont (魔導の軍勢, Madō no Gunzei?, lit. Magicked Military Forces)) - 8:26
Plays in Imperial Castrums.
105. Beyond the Unknown (未知の領域へ, Michi no Ryōiki?, lit. To Unknown Territories) - 0:13
106. The Only Path (ただひとつの道, Tada Hitotsu no Michi?, lit. The Only Path) - 0:59
107. Penitus (魔導城プラエトリウム, Madōjō Puraetoriumu?, lit. Magicked Fortress Praetorium) - 14:18
Plays in the Praetorium.
108. Bite of the Black Wolf (漆黒の王狼、咆吼せり, Shikkoku no Ōkami, Hōkō seri?, lit. The Black Wolf Howls) - 4:36
Gaius van Baelsar's battle theme.
109. The Maker's Ruin (神なき世界, Kami naki Sekai?, lit. Godless World) - 2:51
Plays in the battle against the Ultima Weapon (phase 1).
110. Ultima (究極幻想, Kyūkyoku Gensō?, lit. Ultimate Illusion) - 7:10
Plays in the battle against the Ultima Weapon (phase 2 and Ultimate Ballad sidequest).
111. Serving the Light (光の加護, Hikari no Kago?, lit. Protection of the Light) - 1:04
Plays during the quest The Ultimate Weapon
112. Flight (終局, Shūkyoku?, lit. Finale) - 1:15
Plays during the quest The Ultimate Weapon
113. The Seventh Sun (第七星暦, Dainana Hoshireki?, lit. The Seventh Sun) - 5:00
Plays during the game's credits.
114. Dawn of a New Era (新時代の暁, Shinjidai no Akatsuki?, lit. Dawn of a New Era) - 1:07
Plays during the game's credits.
115. And You! – A Realm Reborn Medley (And You! ~新生エオルゼアメドレー~, And You! ~Shinsei Eoruzea Medore~?, lit. And You! ~A Realm Reborn Medley~) - 2:40
Plays during the game's credits.
116. The Corpse Hall (斬, Zan?, lit. Decapitation) - 10:50
Plays during Steel Reign FATE.
117. Primal Timbre (真実を求めて, Shinjitsu wo Motomete?, lit. In Search of the Truth) - 6:31
Plays in the Binding Coil of Bahamut.
118. Spiral (螺旋, Rasen?, lit. Spiral) - 6:54
Battle theme in the Binding Coil of Bahamut.
119. Calamity Unbound (試練を超える力, Shiren wo Koeru Chikara?, lit. Strength to Overcome Trials) - 8:08
Boss theme for the Binding Coil of Bahamut.

VA - A Realm Reborn: FINAL FANTASY XIV Original Soundtrack (2014) {HDTracks & MP3 & BDRip}

Video Info:
Video: BDRip, 720p x264 10 bit ~1174 kbps
Audio: AAC 2.0 236
Time: 06:48:13
Size: 3,34 Gb

VA - A Realm Reborn: FINAL FANTASY XIV Original Soundtrack (2014) {HDTracks & MP3 & BDRip}

VA - A Realm Reborn: FINAL FANTASY XIV Original Soundtrack (2014) {HDTracks & MP3 & BDRip}

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